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Foreclosure * Reverse Mortgages * Inheritance * Selling Rentals * Behind on Property taxes * WILLS and PROBATE * Retirement * Death of a Loved One * Liquidate Assets * Ownership Issues * Needs Major REPAIRS

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“But when we do, I GUARANTEE YOU, it’s an easy, hassle-free closing at a TOP PRICE, that’s customized to fit your needs.”

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Traditional Real estate

Typically a lengthy, uncertain, and inconvenient experience

Great Service
Premium Cash Offers

Ugly Home Buying Companies

Typically a
LOW service and
LOW OFFER option

Traditional real estate has not changed in decades. Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.

You don’t have to list your home, repair or update it, keep it clean, show it to strangers, have Termite and home inspectors, and then negotiate a closing date that is 45 days away.

By selling your home to Investor Buyer Direct, you can SKIP the hard parts. You pick the closing date.

Investor Buyer Direct buys your property directly from you!  

We do all the paperwork. We pay closing and title fees. You pick your own close date. If you need to stay in your home a few days past closing… you can!  We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process.

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process.

We are different from these buyers who offer to buy your home for 40‐50 cents on the dollar!

If you call Caveman from the billboards on the highway, you are going to get a Caveman offer! 

WE PAY MORE FOR HOUSES! we don’t spend THE BIG advertising dollars for billboards, and TV!

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Customer Stories

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“Oh my goodness, our mother’s house would get postcards and letters everyday it seemed like. When we did decide to sell, we sold to Andre. His offer was better, and he treated us better to. We recommend you call Investor Buyer Direct.”Rose A. and her Mother Barbara
New Braunfels, Tx 78130“I was nervous about selling my rental property because my tenants had been 21 years and i needed money from that house to help buy my new home. A friend referred Andre (Investor Buyer Direct) and he bought the house as is with the tenants. Thank you Andre!”B. Ibara.
-San Antonio, Tx 78207

“My Mother was moved into hospice and i had to sell her house. It was a nice home but it needed work. Realtors wanted to spend a lot of money to fix and then list with them, ugly home buyers didn’t listen to me and just low balled me. But when i met Andre (Investor Buyer Direct) we talked for a couple of hours at the house, and i felt that he was the real deal. I eventually sold the house to him. He did What he said he would.”E. Esquivel.
-San Antonio, Tx 78201“My daughter and i were very happy with Andre. He was very knowledgeable, respectful, and was on time. It means a lot. Please call Them ”Sue and daughter Christine.
-San Antonio, Tx 78216

“ Whatever the situation is, people sometimes need a fast and easy cash solution for selling a house.
I think you’ll agree that the fear when selling this way, is ‘Am I getting every dollar I can?’

I promise you that Investor Buyer Direct is the best option when you’re ready to sell a house or any other type of property quickly for cash..”
-Investor Buyer Direct LLC

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